Textiles Scotland – marketing collateral

Innovation and creativity are the reasons that Textiles Scotland were so blown away by their new global marketing brochure.

Making a bold creative move to develop a new sub-brand identity with new logo, colours and style, we creatively applied this to a premium box package concept that allowed Textiles Scotland to customise their literature to who they were selling to with tailored brochure inserts for each target industry – technical, interiors and fashion.

Black and white brochure covers created from images of textiles were contrasted with highly-visual and colourful image-led inside pages. Special finishes were researched and a leather-feel paper applied to the box – we even created our own custom pantone colour so that it was just the right shade.

A swatch book containing a mix of interchangeable fabrics was created as a valuable item to be included in the box along with a video brochure that played a promotional video, immediately reinforcing Textiles Scotland’s key messages while tying in with the overall brochure experience of arousing the senses and positioning the organisation as innovative and progressive.

BIG results

Results with Big Partnership

The newly developed creative marketing collateral has enabled Textiles Scotland to engage with new customers from all over the world.


Hazel Brodie – Textiles Project Manager

The concept behind the new Textiles Scotland presentation box was a completely fresh approach for the industry brand. It has been received extremely well by colleagues in our global teams and has enabled them to engage with new customers from around the world.”

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