"Who are you?" you ask. Our curiosity must be contagious.

It started off as aspirational, but like a self-fulfilling prophecy, BIG now more than lives up to the name. From three ex-journalists with a dream, we’re now a company comprising 90 industrious souls with unusually diverse employment histories, providing everything from PR to digital to design. And we’re still growing.

Our only non-negotiable recruitment policy is that whoever joins BIG must make us better and more interesting than we were before. No mean feat, we’d like to think.

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Now, THIS is why we're so damned nosy

Oh, the quizzing, the hypothesising and the experimenting. Though these are tremendously enjoyable for their own sake, they have hard-nosed business objectives behind them.

They enable us to produce more striking and motivating ideas, change how your customers behave, enhance your reputation, and make you want to have your sales chart professionally framed.

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