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When it comes to public affairs, reputation, trust and integrity are everything

Our team has these qualities in abundance.

At some point, your organisation will probably need to engage with politicians and government. From seeking planning permission for a new development or support for legislation changes and everything in between, you need to connect effectively with decision makers and influencers.

With more decades of experience between them than they’d care to admit, our public affairs experts can help to simplify the complex government machine.

Public affairs? Political consulting.? Lobbying? Whatever you call it. make sure you approach it the right way.

We call it communicating with people. It just so happens that the people in question are legislators, their advisors, or part of industry governing bodies.

That makes it sound simple, but there can be unique challenges – especially legally and ethically. Everything has to be scrupulously above board. At BIG we try to keep it as hassle free for everyone involved as possible. Our connections with the UK central and devolved governments, regional councils and political journalists make that happen

So how can we help you?

Monitoring & Reporting

We keep on top of proposed legislation and upcoming changes and let you know how they’ll affect your organisation.

Community Engagement

Need to build support for your project among the general public? We can help.


Our network and reputation are second to none – we’ll create campaigns to build support with the right people.

Presentation and Communication Skills Training

Whether it’s participating in public inquiries, presenting to decision makers or giving media interviews, BIG can provide specialised training to maximise your impact and message.

View our work to find out how we’ve helped our clients achieve their goals.


Who can our public affairs team help?

At some point, almost all organisations will have to interact with government and other significant stakeholders.

For some this happens more often than others, so if it’s a short-term requirement or a longer-term campaign, get in touch to find out how we can help.

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