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At BIG, our board-level crisis communications experts are our most experienced people.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients manage and mitigate a myriad of business-critical situations. From our founding board members to senior directors, we have decades of major incident experience under our collective belts.

From national-scale industrial closures to workplace deaths. From major court cases to regulatory challenges. From institutional abuse inquiries to social media storms.

Serious challenges need a serious response.

Preparing for the worst with the help of the best

Using our strong journalistic pedigree, we actively help clients negotiate the many pitfalls and challenges of managing a crisis in the media spotlight.

Bespoke scenario planning, media training and detailed research are vital tools in helping ensure the optimum reputational and business outcomes.

In a crisis, real or impending, you can often feel isolated and exposed, but BIG’s crisis comms team has direct, relevant expertise of working across virtually every industry and business sector. And our extensive digital and social media team works seamlessly with them to monitor, anticipate and respond to events as they unfold.

Our hard-won and long-established reputation for integrity, honesty and confidentiality makes us trusted by our clients and media contacts alike to take a pragmatic, effective and authoritative approach to the most challenging of situations.

Why trust your reputation to anyone else?


Emergency Response for the oil and gas industry

Our emergency response specialists are among the most respected and experienced people in the UK. In recent years we have supported the industry with a number of live responses from fatal incidents and offshore evacuations to major equipment failures and production and environmental events.

We have personnel on call 24/7 to manage reputational aspects, from the media response to internal communications and forward planning.

  • Comprehensive ER and crisis management specialists, on call 24/7 with access to a much wider pool of support across the UK
  • A proven and tested in-house team
  • Sophisticated digital response on hand
  • Unrivalled media contacts
  • Regular engagement with industry bodies
  • Procedures reviews and preparing response plans
  • Organisation and participation in simulations and exercises
  • Robust media training and coaching

We support many leading energy sector organisations with emergency response including BP, Shell, Neptune Energy and Bristow Helicopters.

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