Creating and promoting a compelling and high impact report

Working with Turley, the planning and development consultancy, we created an insight report on the role of mixed-use developments in regenerating UK high streets.

The campaign positioned Turley as a thought leader among senior property decision makers, via expert commentary, features and news stories in the media across a three month period.

This was supplemented by Turley’s own direct mail campaign where content from the report underpinned its own client newsletter.



Report downloads


Direct mail open rate


New business won

Don't take our word for it:
"BIG’s standout activity has included identifying news angles for us to address complex planning policy, helping us devise an opinion on wider macro trends and then developing content that truly resonates with our audience. Our first campaign with them, Making Sense of Mixed-Use Town Centres, was nominated for a series of awards and, in addition to building brand awareness among our key audience groups, directly led to new work enquiries for our teams."

Stefan Redfern, Head of Business Development and Marketing, Turley