A copywriter provides words. A creative copywriter tells stories – and we all love a story

Every social ad, brochure and web page need words that punch, inspire and engage. It’s a busy old world out there and your copy needs to work hard to gain and retain attention.

Our business is full of wordsmiths who’ve mastered this discipline. We can provide words that help make your brand stand out, tap in to people’s emotions and accelerate relationship building, all while telling an imaginative story of your brand.

Once upon a time …

… there was a company which had such important stories to tell.

But no matter how much content they wrote; their engagement fell.

OK, creative copy writing is no fairy-tale. But working with BIG can make the process easier and in the end everyone will get to live happily ever after. We’ll make sure you’re left with content that is engaging, informative and a perfect fit with your brand.

Word’s don’t just convey information, they tell stories and can paint a picture that can entice your audience, stir emotion and intrigue them into wanting to find out more.

Our band of writers works closely with teams across the business to help our clients achieve their goals through creative copy writing. Here are some words to tell you how:

  • Creating website content
  • PR content
  • Script writing
  • Marketing collateral
  • Annual reports

Interested? Our team is waiting to help you tell your audiences the stories that matter.


Write for the right audience

With experience across multiple different sectors and a BIG team of experts, we know that different markets and audiences respond to copy in different ways. As with every project we do, we work with our clients to understand campaign objectives, and who they need to reach. Our creative copywriters then tailor their work to meet that need.

From financially-focused annual reports, technical press releases for the energy sector, to engaging web copy and zippy social posts for consumer brands, BIG teams have the expertise to craft content that meets your needs. Get in touch today.