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“Stakeholders” covers a lot of ground - BIG can help you focus on who’s important to your organisation

Stakeholder engagement is a pretty broad term, but we can sharpen the focus.

BIG has over two decades of experience in helping our clients identify and build successful relationships with their stakeholders; whether that’s customers, politicians, media, civil servants, shareholders, competitors, special interest groups, business organisations, trade unions or – often most importantly –employees.

“Engagement” covers a lot of ground too. What’s best for your organisation?

In the digital age, public and media scrutiny of companies’ policies and performance has never been more intense.

Developing trust and building awareness through regular communication with your audience is crucial in achieving your organisation’s goals.

We’ll help you identify exactly who you need to be talking to and advise the most effective way to engage with them to increase awareness, drive sales or tackle issues.

BIG can help you navigate public meetings, get the most from exhibitions, design and send direct mail and newsletters, as well as support individual briefings and journalist engagement.

Our public affairs team advise clients on government relations, issues management, media engagement and strategic communications, as well as running campaigns to build public support for potentially controversial projects.

And with corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity increasingly an essential item in the PR strategies of many organisations, we’ll guide you on the best way to highlight the support you provide for the community and society at large.


Your message is honed, your audience is targeted. Now find the best way to deliver it.

Not every group of stakeholders is going to respond to email marketing. Holding an event won’t always get everyone involved. BIG have the teams and tools to deliver across any channel:

Get in touch and we’ll build the campaigns that work for you.

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