Glasgow Taxis

With a fleet of over 800 taxis, Glasgow Taxis are the largest supplier of licensed taxis in Glasgow, Scotland, and the largest in the UK outside London. They provide an efficient, reliable taxi service, 24 hours a day, every day of the year, for individuals and businesses.

Our digital marketing approach focused on increasing brand awareness through the creation of engaging and shareable content for Glasgow Taxis social channels. Targeted digital ads were used to encourage app downloads and bookings via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google AdWords advertising platforms.

BIG results

Results with Big Partnership

During the first three months of our digital campaign, we increased Glasgow Taxis Facebook following by 38%. Content across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram gained 525k impressions among the target audience. Ads on Google’s Search Network gained 22k impressions, 6,672 website referrals and resulted in 1,736 conversions (Android App downloads, calls from ads).




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