Glasgow Science Centre – powering the future

We’d like to think we have creative campaigns down to a fine art, but we’re big fans of science as well.

Glasgow Science Centre needed to pull in visitors to see its spectacular new exhibition, Powering The Future, where guests can immerse themselves in one of society’s biggest issues – how we can meet our future energy requirements.

BIG results

Results with Big Partnership

Our campaign helped to attract more than 24,000 visitors in the exhibition’s first month, with more than 64,000 people visiting over the first 10 weeks.

An intensive press and social campaign reached over a million pairs of eyes and ears, achieving prominent coverage across almost every major news outlet in the country.

We bring the same energy to every campaign – as you’d expect, our team can’t wait to get up and atom.


Dr Stephen Breslin – chief executive of the Glasgow Science Centre

BIG Partnership has been relentless in its mission to find new and creative ways to illustrate what the underlying key messages of Powering the Future are to policy makers, the media and the wider public.”

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