Anstruther Fish Bar – a brilliant brand and website – no squidding!

Anstruther Fish Bar is one of the most famous and successful fish and chip shops in the UK, with numerous awards and millions of happy customers.

After researching what the brand stands for, we brought the logo up-to-date, without making it unrecognisable for the business’ legions of loyal fans and customers, and turned our attention to the website.

Animated clouds, seagulls and a fish that watches you as you move your mouse around the screen engages and entertains people so they can feel positive about the experience they will get when they visit.

But it wasn’t just about having a laugh, the website was carefully optimised to maintain and enhance its ranking in search engines. The core proposition – delicious fresh food – is promoted with mouth-watering effectiveness and everyone is impressed with the number of awards on show.

BIG results

Results with Big Partnership

The website statistics speak for themselves – a 14% increase in visits after launch, an impressively low bounce rate and an increase in site duration of 27% all point to a great result. Oh, and a very happy client.


Alison Smith – Co-Owner

The whole team at BIG Partnership have delivered a website that has far exceeded our expectations. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending those in a similar situation to look no further than BIG Partnership for their website development needs. A truly excellent service.”

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