Doors open and curtain up for this refurbished and renovated historic venue

After two and a half years and a £9 million investment, the iconic Aberdeen Music Hall was ready to reopen its doors. APA cast BIG in the role of securing as much positive coverage as possible and encouraging as many people as possible to attend the Stepping In Day.

A range of collateral including flyers, posters, badges and window stickers were distributed across Aberdeen to raise awareness. High profile national and regional TV and press were invited for a sneak peek and interviews with APA CEO Jane Spiers and Travis lead singer Fran Healy, who performed on stage during the opening day.

The reopening was covered across major publications as well as the BBC and STV, and more 11,000 people attended.


145 million+

Opportunities to see


Visitors on the opening day

Gold Award

At CIPR Scotland Awards 2019