Stakeholder engagement

Few businesses these days can afford to ignore public opinion.

Media scrutiny of companies’ policies and performance is intense and often amplified by instant – and damaging – judgement on social media.

Developing trust through regular communication with your audience is crucial in achieving your goals.

BIG Partnership’s experts have years of experience in helping clients to forge successful relationships with stakeholders, whether that’s politicians, civil servants, shareholders, customers, competitors, special interest groups, business organisations, trade unions, or media.

Our public affairs expertise has been instrumental in smoothing the way for potentially controversial projects to win widespread support, including the Forth Replacement Crossing.

We’ll help you identify exactly who you need to be talking to and advise on how to engage effectively with them to increase awareness or tackle any issues.

We’ll help you navigate public meetings, exhibitions, direct mail and newsletters, as well as individual briefings and journalist engagement.

Our experts advise regularly on government relations, issues management, media engagement and strategic communications.

And with corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity increasingly an essential item in the PR strategies of many companies, we’ll guide you on how to highlight the support you provide for the community and society at large.

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