Over the past few months, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been a hot topic, stirring organisations into action to review their personal data processes and update their data protection policies in time for the 25th May deadline.

However, the momentum, investment and focus on GDPR doesn’t end today. Now that GDPR has been enforced, organisations will need to continue to adhere to the ‘rules’ and promote a culture of responsible personal data management across their business.

After the success of our three-part blog series, we decided to consolidate all our well-researched information into a handy cut-out-and-keep white paper.

Click here to download The Ultimate Guide to GDPR now.

From training our staff on GDPR to updating our processing notices and completing an Article 30 register, BIG Partnership has taken all the necessary steps to ensure we’re fully compliant with the new GDPR requirements.

If you are still behind with GDPR, completing any outstanding GDPR plans and actions as promptly as possible should now be a top priority. Given the two-year window to prepare, the Independent Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is unlikely to be sympathetic to those that have simply failed to get GDPR-ready.

If you are on track with GDPR, ensuring on-going compliance from this day forward is now the ultimate focus. To support organisations in this next phase of their GDPR journey, BIG Partnership has done the research and consulted with lawyers to prepare the ultimate guide to GDPR.

The guide has been designed to help organisations to understand and communicate the key changes that GDPR brings to existing data protection laws. In addition to summarising what GDPR is and why it’s been created, we have also included an overview of some key actions you should be taking to ensure your business is aligned with GDPR.

Our recommendation is always to seek advice from a specialist solicitor. However, when it comes to ensuring that your online and communications strategies are compliant – BIG Partnership has got you covered. From creating a GDPR compliant website to developing crisis strategies and media training, our teams are ready to support you every step of the way.

To download ‘The Ultimate Guide to GDPR: Are you ready to opt-in?’ click here.

To discuss how BIG Partnership can support you with GDPR compliant activities, contact us here.

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