After the massive shake-up of 2020, a wholly unpredictable 2021, and the geopolitical issues and economic instability that characterised 2022, marketing professionals in all sectors have had to pivot and adapt to retain a competitive edge in today’s marketplace. 

In this ever-evolving landscape, it can be hard to rely on tried-and-tested marketing practices, and companies must continuously assess what works and what is no longer relevant.  

With so much growth and change, it seems impossible to predict developments a month from now, much less later in 2023. But some overarching trends have already emerged, with ripple effects bound to extend beyond this year. The saying ‘knowing is half the battle’, has never been truer and getting ahead of the big trends for the year will ensure that any campaigns or creative concepts are tailored, impactful and deliver results.  

So without further ado, here are the BIG team’s predictions for the PR, marketing, social media and design trends we’ll see in 2023.  

Giving back 

The cost-of-living crisis has already impacted the landscape of marketing and PR and in 2023, we expect brands to continue to give back to customers who may be struggling, whilst successfully raising brand awareness.  

Integrated communications  

To ensure the best return for clients and maximise spend, all parts of the communications mix should be integrated. Consistency in messaging across channels helps to ensure they are being heard by target audiences.   

Candid content  

Platforms trends from Instagram, BeReal and TikTok Now are showing that users are appearing to ‘care less’ about their content, as they move away from polished grids and filters in favour of quick, thoughtless photo dumps and real-time updates. Additionally, TikTok will continue to lead the charge for short-form video content, in a space where consumer attention is hard to keep, and we expect to see this style of video as a trend setter for video advertising.  

Internal communications 

While the 2022 War on Talent is starting to cool, internal communications will continue to evolve to meet changing brand and employee needs with a focus on a human-centred approach to work, increased collaboration and personalised experiences.  

Rise in algorithmic interest networks 

There will be a gradual away shift from social media platforms dictated by a user’s social graph (friends and family) and instead a rise in algorithmic interest networks that serve content based on the user’s own, often quite niche, interests. We’ve already seen that people are now using social for information and inspiration over personal connection. 

AI content generation 

We’ve already seen Google placing an increased emphasis on content quality over quantity, that puts the user first. Although AI content generation continues to impact SEO, there remains a financial incentive to taking a more human approach to addressing customer needs with content, compared to churning out automated content that could yield lower quality traffic.  

Branded photography 

The design-sphere has become hugely saturated with branded illustrations and 2023 will see a shift into branded photography to provide a little more humanity and tangibility. 

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