Women’s football has come a long way since I started out playing and the investment of companies, like BIG who have sponsored me this season, are helping to support and develop players and clubs and to increase exposure of the game.

Growing up playing against other girls for East End, I faced a bit of discrimination. Comments such as, ‘do you even know the offside rule?’ Or ‘football is just a boy’s sport’ are more often than not made by people who haven’t watched women’s football or don’t realise the level at which it is played.  

When I used to have a kick about with the boys at school, both at primary and secondary, I was keen to get stuck in and compete with them as I just wanted to play football. It didn’t matter who it was with. The first time I played with them they ‘took it easy’ because I was a girl. That was until they realised, I could actually kick the ball!

The level of competitiveness and growth within the women’s game have increased and what started out as a hobby for me has now become a valid career path.

I never dreamt women’s football would be in the place it is now, and it is continuing to grow and develop year on year.

I never thought I would be in the position of playing in the top league in Scotland, SWPL 1, and competing with international players from the likes of Rangers, Celtic and Glasgow City.  

My ambition going forward is to really push hard and make a name for myself within the starting line-up, while continuing to develop the physical side of my game. I hope that one day I can play international football like my idol Kim Little.

Kim, who is also from the north-east, is a huge role model for most girls in the region. She’s been so successful in both her club and international career. I admire her work rate and positive attitude. She is a real leader in every game she plays for Arsenal.

Growing up, I remember going to watch Aberdeen Ladies’ games at Sunnybank every weekend, thinking, ‘That could be me some day.’ It may sound cheesy, but that is me today, and it’s still not quite sunk in.  

It’s amazing that young girls and boys today are able to watch on as women’s football reach new heights. For example, there were over 2,000 fans at the game we played against Rangers at Pittodrie in March and so many young fans stayed behind for autographs and photos after the game.

At our home games at Balmoral Stadium, there’s been a huge increase in the number of young children coming to watch and then chatting to all the players after the game. I know that we have become role models for many young girls in the region and that makes me both proud and humble.

I’m proud to wear the Aberdeen shirt with my name and number and to represent my home city and the club I’ve supported my whole life.  

It’s motivating to know that if you perform well, the city will know about it.

It’s great to see BIG Partnership investing in the women’s game through their sponsorship of me as an individual player. They join a growing list of companies in the area who see the benefits of supporting AFC Women and women’s football and is further proof of the sport’s growing appeal.

It’s encouraging to see so many different companies sponsoring women players and be a part of their careers. It shows the impact it is having on society and the growing audience there is for women’s football.  

Attitudes towards women’s football have shifted massively over the past four of five years but it is vital that investment, both financially and in terms of exposure, continues on an upward trajectory.

Thanks to all at BIG for being part of this shift.

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