Having spent the past eight weeks of my summer working for BIG, I can confidently say I wouldn’t have wanted to spend it anywhere else! When I got the phone call inviting me for an interview, I didn’t know how to react. The main reason was the fact that I was on a boat in the middle of Lake Como but secondly because I never expected to be even considered for an intern role.

Starting my first intern position at BIG was terrifying. I had no idea what to expect. From standing at the front door until now, I am a completely different person. This internship has pushed me completely out of my comfort zone, from working with new people to dealing with unknown situations.

The opportunity to learn skills that I wouldn’t have been able to learn elsewhere has been fantastic. I worked on coverage tracking, research projects for clients, writing and planning social media content, and I even got my beginner certificate in google analytics (thanks Ross!). I worked on many client projects too, for example, doing desk research for Aldi and writing my first-ever press release for Macdonald Hotels.

Being able to spend time in the Glasgow office made the experience all that better. Everyone made me feel welcome and part of the team straight away. The whole team was happy to lend a hand and answer the 101 questions that I had daily. The phrase “no question is a stupid question” really is true here at BIG. Working as part of an integrated agency gave me the best well-rounded experience, it was invaluable.

I worked with many different departments within BIG such as PR, Social, Digital, Search Engine Optimisation, and Pay Per Click. All of which gave me amazing insight into how they work. Working between so many departments was challenging but everyone was always on hand to help and guide.

A favorite project was creating social media content for Aldi Scotland. Thanks to the amazing social team I was able to let my creative side show and come up with fun post ideas. Seeing all this work come together in real life and knowing I inputted is a super rewarding feeling.

The main highlight of my time here at BIG is the team summer away day! It was so much fun and an amazing opportunity to talk to people from other offices and other interns in particular. The team-building exercises were great fun, too. I never knew people could be so competitive, but give them an iPad and some games and you’ll see a whole new side to an individual!

I also had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with STV studios! Thanks to Hannah, I was able to see how a typical news broadcast is produced. I sat down with a producer, assistant producer, and an editor as they answered questions and gave us insight into what they look for when creating a news story. Being able to sit in the reporter’s chair was definitely a high point!

Throughout the eight weeks, I feel like I have been able to gain more confidence in myself, especially when working with new people.. Working at BIG has encouraged me to rethink some ideas and plans I had for when I graduate from university next year (in a good way!). I never imagined becoming so passionate about my work, and I learned to take pride in what I was creating.

As I say bye to my time at BIG, I also say goodbye to a great team of people. I want to thank BIG for letting me have the most amazing summer filled with lots of laughs and lots of amazing agency experiences. I don’t plan on being a stranger!

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