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It’s never been more important to keep communication flowing with your teams

In today’s world where your employees are working remotely or even globally, where talent is hard to find and hold on to and where people are influenced by so many external factors, including traditional and social media, internal comms have become increasingly essential.

Engaged and informed colleagues make the happiest colleagues

Often over-shadowed by external communications, internal comms are just as vital to the marcomms mix.

After all, your employees are often your best ambassadors and engaging meaningfully, authentically and transparently can turn your internal audiences into advocates for your organisation.

Whether you’re restructuring, have been bought over or acquired another business, are rolling out new values or processes, you need to engage both the hearts and minds of your people in driving change and eliciting the desired behaviours.

The same principles of external comms apply to your internal stakeholders. It’s all about understanding your audience, setting objectives, refining the message and then getting it out to your employees through the right channels at the right time.

That’s where BIG’s creative curiosity comes in. We’ll work with you to understand exactly the challenges you’re facing and help craft the perfect solution to deliver your message in the most appropriate way.


Take everyone on the journey

We have a long track record of designing and delivering internal comms campaigns which result in a more engaged workforce that fully understands and is bought into your organisation’s goals.

BIG has been involved in a host of internal projects for clients across multiple industry sectors, including:

  • Rebranding roll outs​
  • Restructuring​
  • Mergers and acquisitions​
  • Employee benefits campaigns
  • COVID restrictions, protocols and procedures
  • And much more

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