The first step in your branding journey should be a workshop and it just so happens, we’re really good at them

No, we don’t mean the kind where Gepetto built a fibbing wooden boy. And we’re not a fan of flowery, waffley navel-gazing either.

A great brand workshop gets to the heart of why your business exists, whether you aim to build a brand from scratch or revitalise a long-standing brand.

A BIG workshop is where you’ll really see where our creative curiosity comes into play – we’ll try not to be too annoying (no promises), but we’ll get under the hood of your brand and how you want to take it to your audience. And make them take notice.

How you present yourself is how people first view you. What are you showcasing?

Creating a brand is a collaborative process and a brand workshop is the perfect opportunity for the key thinkers in your business to have a productive conversation about your brand and how it could be beautifully reimaged.

We use fun, interactive and engaging activities to gain a meaningful understanding of your organisations beliefs, purpose, vision and personality to help us create a unique and authentic brand that’s a perfect fit for your organisation and genuinely differentiates you from your competition.

Each of our workshops are bespoke; planned and delivered with your organisational goals and objectives in mind. We create a relaxing atmosphere to encourage open and honest conversations, making sure we deliver the very best results.

The benefits of branding:

  • Make your business stand out
  • Build brand recognition
  • Create a consistent brand experience
  • Spark a connection with your audience that turns into brand loyalty

Our creative team will then create a visual identity for your brand including a logo, colour palette, typography and photography style which truly connects with the audience.

Starting with a brand workshop gives you the foundation to build a brand that will stand the test of time and resonate with your audience in the best way possible.


Face-to-face or virtual – we can help

While in-person workshops have lots of advantages, it’s not always easy to get everyone involved in the same location. Even before the COVID crisis, BIG had invested in the facilities to deliver remote workshops.

Whatever your situation, get in touch with our teams to find out how we can bring your brand and campaigns to life.

It's good to talk!