Crisis comms

Obviously we cannot show you case studies of our clients’ crises but we can give you some glowing testimonials and if you get in touch we can tell you more about how we’ve protected reputations during and after challenging situations.

Boyd Wright – Consultant

“BIG Partnership has shown it understands the needs of very small and fast moving operating companies, which have few people available to respond to an emergency or crisis. Companies such as this require support that is flexible and which can adapt to requirements that are very different to those of bigger, more mature operators who have maybe more traditional processes and expectations. BIG bring knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic staff that are always willing to suggest different approaches and are always a pleasure to work with.”

Pádraig McCloskey – External Relations Manager, Shell U.K. Limited

“Shell has contracted BIG Partnership for eight years to provide additional communications support to our in house emergency response team. In this period the BIG team has provided a variety of communications related support to both simulated and real operation situations.”

Mark Aldrich – HSEQ Manager, Chrysaor

“Chrysaor has been pleased to integrate BIG Partnership into its emergency management organisation and plans. BIG Partnership’s staff have provided a variety of media response related services including training, participation in exercises and 24hour coverage during offshore operations. Through regular exercises BIG Partnership’s staff have become trusted members of the Chrysaor incident management organisation.”

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