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Remote Year - Part 3 - Cambodia

Digital Account Manager, Kirsty Kirkhope says you can dream BIG in Cambodia in the third installment of her Remote Year blogs...

Three months into my remote year and feeling suitably cultured in Cambodia after visiting more temples than I ever thought possible. In the capital, Phnom Pehn, I can’t help but feel incredibly inspired by the drive of the Cambodian people, who are deservedly seeking some respite from the country’s recent suffering. This comes in many forms but most relevant to this blog is the country’s development in technology, particularly internet and mobile usage.

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Remote Year - Part 2 - Thailand

Digital Account Manager, Kirsty Kirkhope gives us an insight into the second placement of her Remote Year - Thailand.

As part of my Remote Year programme, where I am fortunate enough to be traveling with digital marketing professionals to gain insight into different B2B marketing techniques around the world, I’ve just spent a month in Thailand.

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Remote Year - Part 1 - Malaysia

Digital Account Manager, Kirsty Kirkhope, reflects on her first stop in Malaysia on her year abroad remote working...

For those of you who didn’t get the memo in September I packed up all my pens, notepad, laptop, general gubbins and moved to Kuala Lumpur under a programme called Remote Year. Remote year essentially allows carefully selected applicants to travel the world, share knowledge, meet like minded professionals and, most importantly, continue to work for their current employer in 12 different locations across the world.

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Why we shouldn’t mourn the death of organic reach on Facebook

BIG senior social media manager, Lucia Fella, explains how brands can use Facebook to target specific demographics as organic reach declines.

It’s no secret that it’s increasingly difficult for brands to get organic reach on Facebook, due to algorithm changes that took effect at the end of 2014. With Facebook’s latest announcement, content from friends and family will be prioritised in the News Feed, meaning that brand pages will fall even further down the pecking order.

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BIG’s breakfast with Press Association Scotland’s political editor

In the wake of the US election outcome, it proved an opportune time for BIG to welcome the Press Association Scotland’s political editor, Katrine Bussey, as the guest speaker at our latest media breakfast briefing.

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Kanye West - coming soon to an IKEA near you?

BIG account manager, Emma Glacken, touches on Kanye West's latest bid to collaborate with IKEA and discusses how, when chosen wisely, collaboration can make for successful campaigns. 

Poor Kanye West has needed a break from all the Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift Snapchat drama of late. So, he did what every normal person does when life gets too much and took a trip to IKEA. 

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Remote Year - Part 3 - Cambodia
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BIG’s breakfast with Press Association Scotland’s political editor
Why we shouldn’t mourn the death of organic reach on Facebook
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Remote Year - Part 3 - Cambodia

Kirsty Kirkhope | Digital Marketing

Mon Dec 19 8:58

Remote Year - Part 2 - Thailand

Kirsty Kirkhope | Digital Marketing

Tue Dec 13 9:57

Remote Year - Part 1 - Malaysia

Kirsty Kirkhope | Digital Marketing

Tue Dec 6 14:37

BIG’s breakfast with Press Association Scotland’s political editor

Jamie Barclay | Events

Fri Nov 11 14:12


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