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  • google-ads-avg-position-sunset

    Google Ads to Retire Average Position Metric

    Average ad position is the latest of Google’s performance metrics to be dropped from the Google Ads interface. At BIG, we’ve given our thoughts on this update as we prepare to say goodbye to the familiar column that has been a mainstay of Google Ads for over 15 years. Google Announcement Google announced on 26th […]

  • Building a case for health and well-being in Manchester’s booming property sector

    Manchester’s property market is thriving, but as we watch developments pop up all over the city, is the property sector doing enough to safeguard the wellness of its inhabitants? As marketing experts with a whole host of clients in the property and construction sector, this is the question that formed the basis of our inaugural […]

  • CSR-in-PR

    Why CSR must be more than just PR!

    Sarah Lawless, Head of North West Operations and BIG CSR champion, talks about taking CSR beyond PR. CSR can be a powerful tool for any company. It can help to build your customer base, attract and retain talent and create an influx of positive press about your organisation. In fact, according to the Society for […]

  • Five questions to supercharge your B2B content

    Richard Crighton, Account Manager in Aberdeen, looks at what kind of PR should and shouldn’t be part of your B2B marketing strategy. I’ve lost count of the number of times that an interesting PR story has almost slipped through the net because a client didn’t think it was worth mentioning. In business to business (B2B) […]

  • Send us your elevator pitch

    Following on from a great year, we’re on the lookout for proactive, ambitious and creative people across the business. Be sure to check out our careers page on a regular basis and follow our Twitter and LinkedIn channels to find out about our latest roles. We get lots of applications and while we’re always happy […]

  • Google Marketing Live 2018 Round Up

    Senior PPC Manager, Craig Edwardson gives his insight into Google Marketing Live 2018 and what it means for the industry.  On Tuesday, Google held its annual keynote at Google Marketing Live in San Jose, California. The event was live-streamed, allowing digital marketing enthusiasts around the globe to tune in to the unveiling of the latest […]

  • alan-gorham-pr-account-director

    The secret of our success? It’s not hard: we’re a #team

    Taking a traditional PR agency to a full-service, integrated marketing agency. It’s been a week. Actually, no, it’s been a year. And what a year. I’m calling it lucky number 13: the year I joined the “longer in PR than journalism” club; the year BIG Partnership secured its best-ever results. My name’s Alan, and I’m […]

  • National Doughnut Day – It’s Probably Not What You Think

    Jamie MacDonald, Account Manager in our Edinburgh PR team, explains the history of National Doughnut Day and why it’s more meaningful than you think. It’s National Doughnut Day! What better reason can there be to celebrate the most delicious of sugary, jammy or chocolatey treats? Well, there is a better reason and it came as a […]

  • ultimate-guide-gdpr

    BIG White Paper: The Ultimate Guide to GDPR

    Over the past few months, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been a hot topic, stirring organisations into action to review their personal data processes and update their data protection policies in time for the 25th May deadline. However, the momentum, investment and focus on GDPR doesn’t end today. Now that GDPR has been […]

  • Our approach to data protection

    You might have heard it mentioned there are some changes to data protection laws coming up. These changes are predicated on the very sensible premise that individuals shouldn’t have their personal data unfairly manipulated for any unwanted marketing or for any other, more nefarious practices. To be clear, this is the General Data Protection Regulation […]

  • Six Benefits of GDPR Compliance

    In this three-part blog series, we’ve covered what GDPR is, and what steps you need to take to become compliant with our handy GDPR checklist. But, other than ensuring you’re on the right side of the law, are there any benefits to GDPR compliance? Read on to find out. Preparing for the General Data Protection Regulations […]

  • opt-in-gdpr-checklist

    GDPR Checklist: Are You Ready to Opt-In?

    This is the second instalment in our GDPR series. Click here to read the first blog, and stay tuned for the final one coming soon. GDPR will no doubt present some challenges for organisations as they ready their employees for the changes and attempt to understand the complexities of GDPR in practice. With so much […]

  • gdpr-summary

    GDPR Summary: When, What and Why?

    On 25th May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation – otherwise known as ‘GDPR’ – will be enforced, bringing the biggest change to data protection legislation in 20 years. This blog is part of a series providing a complete guide to GDPR. Click here for part two, “GDPR Checklist: Are you ready to opt in?”; […]

  • business-networking

    Five ways to unbox the networking jigsaw

    Chris Brand, Account Manager for our Oil and Gas team in Aberdeen, outlines that you can only truly know your specialist market if you get involved with it face-to-face. Networking is too often thought of as an activity to either dread or endure. Even the dictionary makes it sound ambiguous or uninspiring: Interact with others […]

  • stress awareness month

    Tackling the BIG issue of employee mental health and wellbeing head on

    Since April is Stress Awareness Month, Senior Account Manager, Laura Berry has shared the tips she learned from BIG’s mental health training in Manchester. According to the latest stats from the HSE, 526,000 workers in the UK were reported to be suffering from work-related stress, anxiety or depression last year. If we listen to what […]

  • shaving-subscription-digital-marketing

    Digital Marketing Battle: Harry’s vs. Dollar Shave Club

    Senior PPC Manager, Craig Edwardson has been browsing grooming products and their competing digital marketing strategies. Battle for the clean-shaved buck! I can’t grow a beard. There, I said it. The hipster resurgence of being a gent with a magnificent, bushy facial fuzz on show is just one of those trends that I’ll need to […]

  • Awards – to enter or not to enter?

    Gillian George, Senior Account Executive, ponders the benefits of entering industry awards. No matter what industry you work in, I can bet there’s an award for it. Whether it’s hospitality, healthcare, oil and gas or sport, every year nominations will open for a plethora of awards honouring different products and services. Throwing your hat into […]

  • How to write an agency brief – and get the campaign you want

    Director Bryan Garvie reveals his 12 steps to get the results you need from your agency. I’ve been in this game for a little while now, so I like to think I’ve seen most of what agency life has to throw at you. What doesn’t seem to change though is, ironically, the inconsistency with which […]

  • Equality in Tech Meetup

    Pizza, beer and another step towards a better gender balance. Diversity in the tech scene is a subject many companies, organisations and start-up incubators world-wide are trying to tackle, and we wanted to get involved in the debate in a BIG way. We brought together three of the most influential females in the Scottish technology […]

  • What to do if your chicken pie is a bit fishy

    I wonder what the scene was in Morrisons marketing and comms department this week when they realised a few fish pies had escaped the factory disguised as chicken pies. Could have been worse, I guess. Could have contained horse meat masquerading as lasagne, for example. But it’s no laughing matter. The ‘ick’ factor of eating […]

  • google-ranks-negative-brand-story

    How to Remove Negative Brand Stories From Google

    Euan Blair, Digital Marketing Director, tells us what brands can do when their bad press ranks on page one of Google search results. Brands have tried to manage how the media portrays them since the advent of newspapers. But how has reputation management changed in a digital world? A negative front-page headline used to appear […]

  • Your (not so) exclusive invitation to Black Friday 2017

    Our Digital Marketing Executive, Erin Flannery talks about the retail phenomenon that is Black Friday. Black Friday 2017 Every year, in the wake of the battle of the Christmas ads, as both marketers and consumers, we anticipate the annual commercial phenomenon otherwise known as Black Friday. When Black Friday first crossed the Atlantic in 2010 on […]

  • twitter-280-character-limit

    Twitter’s New 280 Character Limit

    Our Senior Social Media Manager, Lucia Funai, weighs in on Twitter’s big news. Twitter has done a 180 on its 140. Since tweeting began a decade ago (yes 2007 was 10 years ago, do you feel old now?), the lure of the channel has been that you were limited to 140 characters. Originally, it was […]

  • A BIG Manc birthday to remember

    It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since we joined the Northern Powerhouse and the worker bees of Manchester at our King Street base; but here we are – looking back on a suitably BIG birthday bash featuring, amongst other things, Lancashire hot pot and giant Jenga. We couldn’t have picked a better […]

  • Google Analytics – how healthy is your account?

    BIG Partnership Digital Marketing Director, Euan Blair, shares a checklist of things to look out for in your Google Analytics account to ensure you are getting the most value from the data it collects. Google Analytics is a powerful tool for any business. It lets you answer questions like: “how many people visit my site?”; […]

  • The role of real communication in tech, automation and Artificial Intelligence

    BIG Partnership Account Manager, Jamie Barclay, discusses what he learned from the recent ScotlandIS Tech Trends event, and how the role of communication is key in technology, automation and Artificial Intelligence. Media demand for insight into robotics, digitalisation, med-tech, galactic flights, and numerous other areas in the field of technology has increased considerably over the […]

  • Remote Year – Part 3 – Cambodia

    Digital Account Manager, Kirsty Kirkhope says you can dream BIG in Cambodia in the third installment of her Remote Year blogs… Three months into my remote year and feeling suitably cultured in Cambodia after visiting more temples than I ever thought possible. In the capital, Phnom Pehn, I can’t help but feel incredibly inspired by […]

  • Remote Year – Part 2 – Thailand

    Digital Account Manager, Kirsty Kirkhope gives us an insight into the second placement of her Remote Year – Thailand. As part of my Remote Year programme, where I am fortunate enough to be traveling with digital marketing professionals to gain insight into different B2B marketing techniques around the world, I’ve just spent a month in […]

  • Remote Year – Part 1 – Malaysia

    Digital Account Manager, Kirsty Kirkhope, reflects on her first stop in Malaysia on her year abroad remote working… For those of you who didn’t get the memo in September I packed up all my pens, notepad, laptop, general gubbins and moved to Kuala Lumpur under a programme called Remote Year. Remote year essentially allows carefully […]

  • BIG Partnership’s breakfast with Press Association Scotland’s political editor

    In the wake of the US election outcome, it proved an opportune time for BIG Partnership to welcome the Press Association Scotland’s political editor, Katrine Bussey, as the guest speaker at our latest media breakfast briefing. Katrine has been with Press Association Scotland since 2005. During that time, she has covered six elections, two referenda, […]

  • Why we shouldn’t mourn the death of organic reach on Facebook

    BIG Partnership senior social media manager, Lucia Fella, explains how brands can use Facebook to target specific demographics as organic reach declines. It’s no secret that it’s increasingly difficult for brands to get organic reach on Facebook, due to algorithm changes that took effect at the end of 2014. With Facebook’s latest announcement, content from […]

  • Kanye West – coming soon to an IKEA near you?

    BIG Partnership account manager, Emma Glacken, touches on Kanye West’s latest bid to collaborate with IKEA and discusses how, when chosen wisely, collaboration can make for successful campaigns. Poor Kanye West has needed a break from all the Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift Snapchat drama of late. So, he did what every normal person does […]

  • Athletes: how much do they really help brand sponsors flex their muscles?

    BIG Partnership senior account executive, Michael Scobbie, dicusses what brands should consider before asking athletes to sign on the dotted line of a sponsorship deal. With Wimbledon and Euro 2016 just gone and the Olympics underway, the world’s elite athletes are front and centre. Though if you’re a corporate sponsor of an athlete in Rio, […]

  • Euros 2016: a digital debrief

    BIG Partnership Senior Digital Marketing Executive, Rochelle Adie, analyses how the digital landscape was used throughout the Euro 2016 tournament and which brands made a big impact without seeking major sponsorship deals. The harsh reality about the Euros is that many countries will not remember it fondly, other than the winners Portugal, and perhaps underdogs […]

  • Taylor-made censorship – Does Instagram’s new tool jeopardise freedom of speech?

    BIG Partnership senior social media manager, Lucia Fella, discusses the latest move by Instagram allowing Taylor Swift to hide negative comments and what this might mean for conversation on social media. Unlike many around the globe, I have never watched an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. However, I still find myself knowing an […]

  • Gotta catch em’ all: how small businesses can capitalise on Pokémon Go

    BIG Partnership Senior Account Executive, Jen Degnan, discusses how the game that has taken the world by storm could mean big benefits for small businesses. “I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was”… whether you’ve been reciting this privately in your head or singing it fearlessly in public, you have probably caught […]

  • Kids give new rugby skills a try at St. Enoch Centre

    After a gruelling match against Italian outfit Zebre on Friday night, Glasgow Warriors spent Bank Holiday Monday at St. Enoch Centre demonstrating their rugby skills to local kids and encouraging more of them to get involved in the sport. The Come and Try session, organised by BIG Partnership, was the third of its kind to […]

  • How not to get a job at BIG Partnership

    Desperate never to feel the fabric of BIG Partnership’s carpet under your feet? Account director Bryan Garvie shows you how. I’ve just read 70 CVs. Count ’em – 70. I’ll be honest, I’ve had better days, but in the few moments of respite was when someone took the time and thought to write something in […]

  • Pandering to the media: what we can learn from Britain’s panda watch

    BIG Partnership senior account manager Charlene Sweeney on the lessons that can be learned from the most anticipated birth since Prince George. After a nail-biting few months, the panda pregnancy that might never have been has officially become the panda pregnancy that is no longer. Tian Tian, Edinburgh Zoo’s female giant panda, it has been […]

  • Harvey Specter, reputation protector: communication tips from TV’s most arrogant lawyer

    He calls himself ‘the best closer in Manhattan’ and does whatever it takes to win. But what does TV lawyer Harvey Specter know about getting the right message to your audience? Harvey Specter is the charismatic and – I don’t mind saying – strikingly handsome lawyer from TV’s Suits. He’s a winner. He has the […]

  • Corporate social responsibility: a must-have, not a nice-to-have

    Senior account executive Anna Duthie presents the business case for corporate social responsibility. In the age of social media, building a positive reputation for corporate social responsibility (CSR) means ‘walking the talk’, rather than paying lip service. If you’re like me, you pay more attention to the actions of companies than ever before, thanks to […]

  • What a picture – tips for creative PR photography

    Account Director Shona Hendry shares some tips for getting creative with PR photography. What do mirrors, face paints, children, inflatable globes and flexible students have in common? There will always be a place for traditional photography, particularly for corporate and business PR, but if there’s the scope to be creative, a brilliant photo can speak […]

  • The importance of being accurate

    BIG Partnership Account Manager and in-house pedant Jane Hamilton shares her opinions on why accuracy and consistency still matter. Language is evolving; there’s no question of that. New words are regularly added to the Oxford English Dictionary and all manner of colloquialisms continue to creep into common usage. But when it comes to workplace communications—both […]