Award-winning Anstruther Fish Bar gets BIG website makeover

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Award-winning Anstruther Fish Bar gets BIG website makeover

Foodies and fans of the multi award-winning and globally-renowned Anstruther Fish Bar and Restaurant can now enjoy a visual treat in the shape of its new website, after hiring BIG to completely transform it. 

The home of 'probably' the best fish and chips in the UK, and a favourite destination for good food and quality seafood lovers, wanted a website that was fun, informative and that could showcase the family firm's passion for ensuring that its loyal customers have a fantastic, super tasty and memorable experience. has been completely upgraded with a fresh and contemporary look and a selection of interactive pages to explore.

In its first month, the revamped site has seen a boost in visitor numbers, thanks to careful search engine optimisation and improved social media interaction. Unique visitor numbers have increased, while viewers from international shores have also been taking a keen interest.

Allan “Blackbeard” Barr, admiral o’ digital at BIG said: “We haddock great time with the Anstruther team creating this fun, dynamic new website. The Anstruther Fish Bar and Restaurant is a celebrated Scottish institution, so it was great to lend our expertise to such a well-known family business with an international fanbase.

“Now that the Fish Bar can reach a much wider audience, its fans from all seven seas can keep up with its latest activity and stay in touch using social media. We hope the site will draw in more famous faces – we like to think Tom Hanks cod be surfing the Anstruther menu from his L.A. home right now!”

Anstruther Fish Bar website homepage

BIG was tasked with creating a website which would focus on the high quality, freshness and sustainability of the Anstruther Fish Bar's food. The Fish Bar’s extensive and traceable menu attracts folk from coast to coast, so BIG created a new fisherman’s logo to modernise its brand identity. The new logo helps reflect the family values and success of the famous Fish Bar, without making it unrecognisable to its legions of fans.

The responsive site is now easily accessible on smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs, with an emphasis on encouraging social media interaction. The BIG scribblers also helped owners Alison and Robert tell their story, giving the site a friendly touch with some great banter - or should that be batter?!

Alison Smith, owner of the Anstruther Fish Bar, said: “We can’t thank the team at The BIG Partnership enough. We've worked with them before on smaller projects, and were confident they could help deliver a fantastic new website for us.

"Our previous website dated back to 2007 and was quite basic, and web design and functionality has moved on a lot since then.

“BIG came up trumps with some really cool ideas we hadn’t even thought of. They also designed a fresh brand identity for us that looks fantastic – we’ve used it on the main signage outside, as well as on our ever-popular gift vouchers.

“The BIG team certainly exceeded our (already very high) expectations. The end result is even better than I imagined and BIG has more then delivered in terms of meeting our creative brief and adding lots of new and exciting features. The site is also really easy for me to update which makes a huge difference.

“We’ve had lots of very positive feedback from our customers. We’ve seen more engagement with the website and lots of people signing up to become an Anstruther Fish Bar VIP, and our social media profiles have also gained a lot of new followers.”


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